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Behind the Scenes for
"Theater of the Mind"
(01:42 mark)

"Oh Golden Stars"
Performance from
Discount Ghost Stories

"The Wild Party" 
Show Promo
Denver Center for the Performing Arts; Off Center

from Princess and the Pea
Lake Dillion Theater Company fundraiser

"Suddenly Seymore" 
from Little Shop of Horrors
Where is the Love Cabaret

"Happy New Year" snippet
from RENT
Ignite Theater Company

"So Fresh"
Hip hop Dance (in the green shirt)
Dance Alliance show

"Star-spangled Banner"
Dragon Boat Festival

"Out Tonight" snippet 
from RENT
Ignite Theater Company

"Osaka Loop Line"
Contemporary Dance (Female Clownfish)
Foundation Hall Show

"She Kills Monsters" Show Promo
Aurora Fox Arts Center

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