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Here are some nice things that were said

Discount Ghost Stories

“Reyes earns our sympathy as Gemma, the edgy young woman who may yet find her way home.” 

-Lisa Kennedy, The Denver Post

Wild Party

"Jenna Moll Reyes is endearing as Mae’s underage sister Nadine, who wants in on the action."

–Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

"Her 14-year-old (but 16 if you ask) sister from Poughkeepsie, Nadine (Jenna Moll Reyes) is frequently engaging… You may not know exactly where the plot is, but that doesn't matter, because Nadine's showing you a juggling act.

–Chris Arneson, BroadwayWorld Denver

Bus Stop

“One of the few moments when I actually felt empathy for anyone on stage was when Jenna Moll Reyes’s Elma clumsily and sweetly recited the lines from the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet to Professor Lyman’s increasingly drunk and agitated Romeo. There’s something genuinely interesting in the script here, too: Elma’s ultimate willingness to forgive the professor’s ugly impulses stems from the kind of love she possesses, a passionate, word-drunk love of knowledge and poetry.”

-Juliet Wittman, Westword


"Reyes brings Elma a crucial innocence, which feels like a core of the show for me. Elma's purity and enthusiasm helps focus on the good in each character she interacts with, which feels important to the story.”

–Chris Arneson, BroadwayWorld Denver

Hand to God

"Jenna Moll Reyes hides her natural charm beneath Jessica’s nerdy exterior until those moments when it just can’t help peeping out.”

–Juliet Wittman, Westword


"Jenna Moll Reyes is engaging as Jessica, the girl next door and object of Jason’s affections.” -Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

"Jenna Moll Reyes (Jessica) and Michael McNeill (Pastor Greg) and they all deliver sharp performances.”

-Mark Stevens, Beyond Telluride Inside


“As the trappings of moral society fall by the wayside, Reyes morphs from a circumspect bystander to lascivious participant. Her facial expressions during Jessica and Jason's puppet sex are priceless, pushing the audience over the edge with laughter.” 

-Bob Bows, Colorado Drama

Water by the Spoonful

 “Genece deftly reveals emotional cracks in Chutes&Ladders' wall, thanks to the equally biting remarks from Orangutan (Reyes)... Reyes' humorous characterization provides a winning light touch to the story and, romantically speaking, a demonstration of the rare love that transcends age and physical stereotyping.”

-Bob Bows, Colorado Drama


“The sympathetic pair, whose dynamic you can’t help root for, is Chutes&Ladders and Orangutan (their screen names), played by Abner Genece and Jenna Moll Reyes, respectively… Reyes as the sassy young Japenese woman, connects across demographic and cyber divides.”

–Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

Smokey Joe's Cafe

"Jenna Moll Reyes delivers the goods with “Trouble” and “Falling.”

-David Marlowe, Marlowe's Musings



4000 Miles

Westword Magazine's Best of Denver: Jenna Moll Reyes in 4000 Miles -  BEST PERFORMANCE BY A SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY

 "Jenna Moll Reyes played Amanda in 4000 Miles, whom protagonist Leo brings home for a quick roll in the hay. She's a rich, eccentric young Chinese woman, wonderfully embodied by Reyes as a full-out hilarious little flake — except for the genuine pain and horror that show on her face when she realizes that Leo's grandmother, Vera, is a Communist. "I hate Communism!" she exclaims, and for a fleeting second you see past the frivolity and understand how much her family must have suffered in Mao's China. That was the second that made Amanda more than a cartoon, and fully human."

“…and then there’s the girl Leo brings home for a quick roll in the hay: a rich, eccentric young Chinese woman named Amanda, wonderfully played by Jenna Moll Reyes as a full-out hilarious little flake — except for the genuine pain and horror that show on her face when she realizes Vera’s a Communist. “I hate Communism,” she exclaims, and for a fleeting second you sense what her family must have suffered in Mao’s China.”

–Juliet Wittman, Westword

“Reyes, who was stunning in "She Kills Monsters" at the Aurora Fox, is hilarious here as the slutty chick Leo picks up. A rent-controlled apartment, she marvels; it's like an aphrodisiac. 4,000 Miles."

-Claire Martin, Denver Post


“But the one-scene wonder of the night is Jenna Moll Reyes as Amanda, a club girl Leo brings back to the apartment for a one-night hookup. Her character is written to be a bright whirling spot, arriving like a falling star. Boy, does she brighten things up as she teases and flirts and seduces! Everyone in the audience wanted to go party with her. Jenna takes what is written and creates her own tornado out of it. We can only hope that Herzog brings Amanda back in a future play.”

-Beki Pineda, Get Boulder

“Despite only appearing for short moments, both Jenna Moll Reyes and Alaina Beth Reel make an impression. Reyes plays a couple characters; a random hookup named Amanda and Leo's sister, Lilly. Reel is Leo's ex-girlfriend, Bec, whom he hasn't quite left behind. The actresses bring an added wit, heart and depth to what could just be a show between the two main characters. Their roles are necessary. ”

–Chris Arneson, Broadway World


“Jenna Moll Reyes portrays Lily, a Chinese-American art student Leo brings home, with a ferocious vitality that’s hysterically funny.”

–David Marlowe, Marlowe’s Musings 


“…he truly does not know how to handle Amanda (a flirty, teasing performance from Jenna Moll Reyes).  For that matter, few us would know how to handle her. “

-Linda Rae L. Wheeler, Theater Colorado

She Kills Monsters

“Both Hokama and Jenna Moll Reyes, as Tilly, bring unexpected depth and fun energy to the stage. The entire cast expertly straddles the fine line between comedy and insanity this show seriously risks.”

- Dave Perry, Aurora Sentinel


“Jenna Moll Reyes is feisty as her sister, Tilly, wielding a sword like a pro."

- Chris Arneson, Broadway World


“Tilly appears, clad in silver armor and wielding an impressive sword… Jenna Moll Reyes is an impish little sister Tillie.”

- Juliet Whittman, Westword




 "Jenna Moll Reyes puts on a heady performance as the drug-obsessed Mimi, as does Brandon Lopez as Collins, both managing to find the ground between over-polished and sincere.”

- Quincy Snowdon, Aurora Sentinel


 “Clear stars emerge, however, as the production proceeds. There's the fierce, dazzling drag queen Angel (Carlos Jimenez), Mark's romantic robber Joanne (Erica Trisler) and the tantalizing Mimi (Jenna Moll Reyes). Reyes' turns in "Light My Candle" and "Out Tonight" flaunt sex appeal, but also showcase ear-catching vocal virtuosity. “

- Sean Fitz-Gerald, Denver Post


In The Heights​​

“One voice that made me stand up and take notice (especially in Breathe and Everything I Know) was the sensational Jenna Moll Reyes as Nina. There was so much passion behind this stunning performer and I look forward to seeing her in future productions.”

– Michael Mulhern, Broadway World Reviews

“Jenna Moll Reyes is a sweet and convincing Nina.”

– Adam Goldstein, Onstage Review


“Jenna Moll Reyes is a very appealing Nina, vulnerable and tough, with an expressive voice.”

– Juliet Wittman, Westword


“Jenna Moll Reyes performance in the role of Nina Rosario, the first member of her family to go to college, enchants.”

– David Marlowe, Marlowe's Musings

The Waiting Room

“Jenna Moll Reyes, Avery Anderson and Amber Cook play the three women, and they are each a treat to watch. They all have their featured moments, and each takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions… One of the best moments of the evening are the glances between Reyes and Aisha Jackson as masseuses dealing with demanding and dim-witted clients carrying on a business discussion.”

-Bryan VanDriel, Greeley Tribune

An Evening with Nina

“One of the more effective vignettes was the duet and dialogue between Hancock and Jenna Moll Reyes, who plays Chai. The two inhabited their own world as they discussed their relationships with their fathers, segueing into a duet of Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman," one of the many covers Simone made her own.”

-Angela Clemmons, Denver Post

"Former teachers and directors describe Jenna as a brilliant singer/dancer/actor who is always compelling to watch onstage. She has a fearlessness about her that is very appealing." - Aurora Fox Theatre

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